Sabbathways the podcast brings you glimpses of historical religious writings from diverse traditions throughout the U.S. and beyond. It is one part religious story time, one part electric organ dreamscape with a dash of historical context.

Every episode offers a different religious tradition’s texts—texts that explore the meaning of life, the presence of God, our place in society and beyond. These texts speak to current day issues and are enlivened by reimagined pop songs on the organ.

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Storehouse of Hail Sabbathways

Selections from Stephen Mitchell's Into the Whirlwind: A Translation of the Book of Job (1979). One of the books of wisdom literature from the Hebrew Bible, the Book of Job centers on the character of Job, a righteous man who seemingly suffers without cause. Mitchell's poetic translation brings an additional layer of vibrancy and emotion to this classic of Jewish literature that explores the human condition in its darkest moments.    This episode speaks to issues of human suffering, divine (in)justice & existential doubt Music by X. Prince
  1. Storehouse of Hail
  2. The Architecture of Time
  3. Slaveholding Religion vs. The Christianity of Christ
  4. Hit Me Baby One More Time — the Principle of Nonresistance