our visible sun is only a reflection

Koreshan Unity
Estero, Florida

Last month I headed south to Florida for warmer rays, echoing the migration of the communal society The Koreshan Unity, founded in the 1870s by Burned Over District native Cyrus “Koresh” Reed Teed.

The travails of a Chicago winter had proved too much, so Teed moved his flock to the swamp to preach the hollow earth theory from publications, billboards, and later general stores. Teed set out to scientifically prove that the earth is not only flat, but that the heavens we believe to be beyond our planet–outside of it–are in fact within it. The land we inhabit is only a layer, an inner crust we walk on with our heads pointed toward the true center.

The sun we think we see in the sky? It is but a reflection of the true sun, deep inside the earth.

The stars, the sun, space and beyond was under our feet all along.


Hollow earth theory

A video posted by A. Prince (@sabbathways) on Mar 16, 2015 at 9:16am PDT


Planetary Court





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